Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here we go .... again.

I have some how managed to lock myself out of my old blog, A Whole Awful Lot.  I was trying to change my log in e-mail, and now I can't log in with any of my e-mails.  Genius.  I know. 

So here we go ... ... again.

Life lately....

Infertility.  It's such a scary word.  But it's one the Doctor's have been using for the past year.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in January.  My Obg/yn uses NaPro technology, and I have using the Creighton method of fertility tracking since March.  I started a low carb diet in the middle of July and lost 30 pounds in less than 2 months.  My cycles also started to regulate themselves out.  I finished up a complete month long hormone profile last month.  My progesterone never got about 2.9, and it should have been upwards of 17, which is indicative of not ovulating.  I go to the Doctor TODAY to get the rest of the results of my hormone profile and hear what his treatment plan is from here.  2 years is far to long to not have a baby in my arms.

Hashimotos.  No idea what that means?  I didn't either until 2 years ago.  Basically I have an immune system that beats up on my thyroid.  This causes my thyroid to be SLOOOOW... Not having enough thyroid hormones causes everything else in my body to go all out of whack, like my hormones, weight, energy levels, sex drive, memory, ability to focus...and the list goes on for about 294 more symptoms.  I have a GREAT Primary care physician that has my thyroid numbers in a pretty optimal state.  I still struggle with some of the symptoms though. 

Diet. Lifestyle modification.  So, my cycles were CrAzY.  They had me on progesterone because I would go 3-4 months without a period, and I was having continuous fertile cervical mucus, which is not a good thing, especially with having to chart it.  I basically follow a Low Carb Paleo lifestyle.  I try to keep my carb intake under 50 grams, but closer to the 30 range.  I don't eat fruit, other than berries.  No DiaryNo grains. Grains people, not just gluten.  No Rice, Wheat, Corn, Oats, etc.  No Eggs.  I am actually allergic to these puppies, and Duck eggs are EXPENSIVE!  No Legumes.  This includes Peanuts. No Potatoes.  However, once in a while I will cheat with some sweet potatoes!.  No Almonds.  Again, I'm allergic.  NO SOY.  I already have hormone problems, why add something that your body sees as estrogen and throws your hormones more out of whack???)  No sugar.  If I really need something sweet I use Honey or Maple Syrup.  I did fall off the bandwagon in September.  I remained gluten free....but just about everything else was game on.  Popcorn & Coffee Creamer are my worst transgressions. 

Exercise. Did you just start laughing?  Cause I did!  I am terrible at being consistent with working out.  I did great from July 15th-the end of August.  Then my Grandpa died and I was in Florida for a week.  Then we went back to Florida for a vacation in Destin.  And I completely fell off the band wagon.  With my eating and my exercise. 

Husband.  My husband decided on Saturday that we was ALSO going to go paleo.  If you aren't laughing, I laughed enough for both of us.  I have been TRYING to get him to cut out some of his grains for MONTHS, and every time I do it causes a fight, so I just gave it up.  Then, he goes on his bi-yearly trip to the NASCAR races in Talladega and comes back decided that he is going to start being paleo.  He said he saw all the fat people down there and decided he needed to make some changes.  He's done really well for the past 2 1/2 days. 

Address.  My address is changing.  Again. This will be my 11th move in 10 years.  We put my house on the market last week.  We will be moving back to the "little house".  It's a 900 square foot house that his parents own.  They are giving it to us, and we are going to add on to it.  It's a huge blessing.  Now my house just needs to sell so I can get rid of the mortgage payment.  Don't mistake this move as I didn't like my house, or we couldn't afford it.  We are doing fine financially.... but I want to be at home when we have babies.  So the house has to go.  I'm over the sadness of it, and now I just want it to sell so I don't have to look at it anymore.  Whenever I think about what I'm giving up I get so sad! I have to remind myself of what I am gaining in it's place.

My Life is just a whole bunch of combines pieces that all tie together.  You take out or add one piece and everything else shifts.  This little blog of mine isn't just about one aspect of my life, it's about all of them!  I'm hoping to blog a little more consistently.  At the end of the day, this blog is really for me anyway.  Well, I guess it's for you too.  Maybe someone out there is searching for answers to infertility, or thyroid problems, and they will stumble upon my little place on the internet, and they will find something that will help them. 


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